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Human Design Exhibition in Paris

I'm finally getting around to posting photos from the Human Design Exhibition which was at the incredible store called "merci" located in the Marais district in Paris in January to February.  This concept store was founded by Marie France Cohen and her husband as a non-profit and has the most incredible mix of mainstream brands to vintage pieces.  The founders have a wonderful story...they originally started the famous French children's brand "Bonpoint" and after many years of growing the successful company, they sold the business to embark on a new adventure.  "Merci" was started as a non-profit since they wanted to give back to the people of Madagascar who helped build Bonpoint for over 30 years.  The foundation provides resources to the seamstresses to be self sufficient so they can, in turn, provide for their children.

Here are some pictures of the store from the outside of the store:

The Human Design Exhibition was a collection of objects created by man, for man, and aged through time.  (I hope I am translating this properly!)  This included giant portraits by photographer Serge Anton which featured beautiful images of people from Zimbabwe, leather plates from South Africa, objects and vessels from Zimbabwe and West Africa, and recycled aluminum spoons from North Benin.
My designs, along with designs from Argentina and Finland, were included in the exhibition since they were modern interpretations of traditional objects with different materials.  Here is a photo of the things on exhibit at the store.  The giant portraits are by Serge Anton.  So beautiful!
The paper vessels below are the designs from Finland.
And here is the collection of my resin pieces selected for this exhibit!  They have the Marcus Bowl, Zoe Bowl, Sorbet Bowl, Leo Vases, Vince Vases, Cups, Large Serving Spoons, and Sorbet Spoons in Grey and Ebony.
Here is a closeup!
Here is a photo of one of the other rooms on the main floor.  The door in the back leads to the flower shop!
Here is a photo of the Library where you can sit and have a nice coffee or food.  So cozy!
They have the most amazing collection of furniture, lighting, home accessories, and linen upstairs.
I would LOVE to have this in my house:
More beautiful things upstairs:
This is the collection of stationary and colored pencils.  Very inspiring!
This is the view from upstairs looking down into the main entrance area where the exhibition was held.  I REALLY LOVED these lights with the floaty white lamp shades...
More photos of these shades that I LOVE!!!  (Those are my resin pieces on the table below!)
There was a fantastic party on the evening of January 23 for the Human Design exhibition but I didn't really get any good pictures...it was so crowded!  The food and wine was incredibly delicious!
So that's the update from the Paris adventure!  I hope you enjoyed reading this!
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