Welcome to our new website!!

Finally!!  We have updated our new website and you will now be able to read updates to our blog posts from here!  We have so much news to share with you since we have been busy working on our new collection for Fall 2015.

You may also have notice that our overall look and logo has changed!  We felt like we needed a fresh and clean look to match our overall collection for the season and hope you like it and agree that this is a nice change for us!

For this season, we have incorporated new materials into the collection!  We have Metal, Paper, and Textiles in addition to the Resin that we have been known for.  We hope you like what we have done!  Please let us know what you think!

In case you have not navigated your way to our new Fall 2015 catalog yet, you can click on the image below to see what's new!  We will have more news in the upcoming posts to come!  Stay tuned!!

Annual Holiday Studio Sale!

Hello everyone!  This Friday and Saturday, November 14 - 15 is our Annual Holiday Studio Sale

Friday, November 14:  9:30am - 5pm
Saturday, November 15:  9:30am - 4pm

Tina Frey Designs Studio
1278 Minnesota Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

-  Come early for the best selection!
-  Open to the public
-  Cash and credit cards accepted
-  Easy street parking

We hope you can make it and see you soon!

YNDŌ HOTEL in Bordeaux

Hello everyone!  Exciting news!  A new 5 star boutique design hotel has just opened in Bordeaux, France:

It is nestled a few steps from Place Gambetta, the Cours de L'Interdance, and Tourny.  The hotel is a typical old mansion from the 19th century where the twelve rooms and suites are uniquely appointed.

Follow me and I will give you a grand tour!

The hotel is beautifully decorated with designs from Damien Langlois-Meurinne, Hubert le Gall, Campana Brothers, Tom Dixon....and Tina Frey Designs!
 That is the Long Trough  in white from Tina Frey Designs on the table!  So nice to see it being used as it was designed... for a big dining table!

 The Void Copper hanging lights are from Tom Dixon.  The copper lights in the previous photo above are the Copper Shades also from Tom Dixon.  The amazing art on the walls is from Yannick Fournié.
 Let's take a closer look at the hotel rooms!  Follow me!!

 I like the design classics like these Platner Chairs mixed with the 19th century building and other modern design classics!

 The sunny outdoor spaces are lovely too!

 I love the white marble bathrooms!

 You can see the Tina Frey Designs Square Cups and Tray in the close up of the beautiful marble bathrooms!  What a perfect space!
Here are more closeups of the details with Tina Frey Designs!  Fresh fruit and pastries anyone?!
 That's the Small Pedestal Bowl and Baguette Dish from Tina Frey Designs!  This would be my idea of the perfect breakfast in the hotel room!
 Strawberries and whipped cream accompanied by a lovely white wine could also be nice!

The Long Troughs are available in grey and white by Tina Frey Designs!
I hope you enjoyed your little vacation to this beautiful destination...even if it is just vicariously through the blog post!

All photos in this post are by Sebastien Carrier.

Visit to the Serena & Lily Beach Market!

I have been wanting to post the photos of my visit to the new Serena & Lily Beach Market which opened up in Wainscott, NY in the Hamptons.  It is described as "a dreamy outpost on the Montauk Highway (just a quick jaunt to beach or town)"...and it is definitely dreamy!  The store is very bright, colorful, airy and so inviting!  I want everything in the store!

They also carry an exclusive collection by Tina Frey Designs which was made especially for their store!  I hope you enjoy my tour!

 That's the Tina Frey Designs Macy Bubble Necklace on the mannequin.
 More yummy jewelry by Tina Frey Designs is available at the Serena & Lily Beach Market!
 Our hanging planters in white are shown in the window of the store!  So lovely!!
 I love to see that the tray (from Tina Frey Designs with leather handles) can be used for magazines too!
 That's the Large Wide Bowl from Tina Frey Designs in the half grey and white color which is exclusive to Serena & Lily!
That's the view of the room from the outside.
 The turquoise and white colored champagne bucket colors are also exclusive to the Serena & Lily Beach Market!
 The long trough on the bottom shelf has been one of the most popular items!
 Our champagne bucket in the grey and white colors that are exclusive for Serena & Lily Beach Market!
 I love the colorful surfboards on the ceiling...I wouldn't mind surfing with them too!
 The Large Champagne Buckets in turquoise are on top of the Large Trays in white.  These are great for magazines too!
 That's our Short Trough on the table below which has many uses!
 I love the colors of the store!!
 That's the Small Cheese Board with Cheese Spreader in cobalt blue and the Large Champagne Bucket by Tina Frey Designs!

 I love the artwork on the walls!  They are available for sale too!!
 Impressive jewelry display case!

 I LOVE this artwork at the store!  I wish I could take them home!!
 The turquoise and white Large Wide Bowls are exclusive colors for Serena & Lily and you will not find these anywhere else!
 Another photo of the amazing variety of art on the walls!

 Love the colors!
I hope you enjoyed the tour!  You can visit the Serena & Lily Beach Market at this address:
322 Montauk Highway,
Wainscott, NY 11975

Just for fun...more behind the scenes of me...behind the scenes

I couldn't help but share these funny photos of me taking behind-the-scenes photos at Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée in the previous blog post.

I had no idea I looked so funny...

 You would think I was sneaking up on fast moving wildlife in the forest or something!  Hahaha!

 It's a bird!! is just the most beautiful crystal, copper, and silverware!

 All finished with my photos!  I am in the lobby of Plaza Athénée...until next time!  Au revoir!
P.S.  My favorite skirt in my Fall 2014 wardrobe is the neoprene scuba skirt from Acne Studios and my Stan Smith Adidas sneakers!  I have been wearing both of them practically non-stop everywhere and they are soooooo comfortable too!

Tina Frey at Alain Ducasse Plaza Athénée in Paris!

As promised in yesterday's blog post, here are the behind the scenes and close up photos of the details at the Alain Ducasse restaurant at Plaza Athénée in Paris!

I went back the next day after our dining experience to take photos before the evening dinner service started.  I'm so glad I went to see this AFTER our amazing meal since every course that came out was a surprise and so unique from the last. The presentation and dishware used for each course was a performance and complemented each dish perfectly.  Dramatic and serene at the same time...

I got a glimpse of the incredible amount of advance preparation by the talented chef, Romain Meder, the amazing team in the kitchen, and the rest of the staff that went into each evening's meals.  This is nothing short of perfection!

 When you enter the room, it is simply magical!
 Look at the beautiful lighting!!  You are immediately surrounded by the magic in the room!

 This is just a small selection of the amazing crystal, copper, and silverware in the cabinets...there's even more on the shelves!
 I love the shiny silver seating in the room which adds a modern feel to the traditional design of the hotel and room.
 These were the lights on the table which added a candle-like glow during the evening.
 The modern sculptural table settings greet you when you enter the room and sit down at your table.  It is beautiful and unexpected...very much like the rest of the evening to come!

 The chandelier was modernized and embellished all around with a selection of crystal hanging pieces which made them look even more grand.  I couldn't stop admiring them during the evening the night before!
 I think this is the one of the most special tables in the an amphitheater!
 They have thought of every detail!  The little white side tables are for the ladies to place their handbags during the meal.  Everything about this restaurant is so well thought out!
 So shiny!  That's my reflection in the picture!
 The traditional elements of the room are maintained throughout so there is a wonderful mix of the old and the new in perfect balance.
 Delicious surprises arrive in the cart below during the meal!
 This is the view from the restaurant to the courtyard outside.

 I have a feeling that dining for lunch would also be a lovely experience!
 Here is the kitchen hard at work preparing for the busy evening!

 Here is me with the amazing chef of Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée: Romain Meder!
 His team is working very hard.  If you could just see the end result of what they are making in those little bowls, you would be quite amazed!  This was served during the meal the previous night and it resembles a millefiori glass paperweight with it's colorful tightly wound vegetables packed into the bowl!  Besides the beauty of the dish, it was also really delicious!
 Here the wonderful person, Bubaka (I hope I spelled his name right!), who looked after our table when we dined there the night before.  He was so knowledgeable about all the details of what was being served and made the experience so fun and enjoyable!

He is showing me the amazing chocolates which are served on the Tina Frey Designs small bread board!  I was so thrilled when I saw them being used at the restaurant!!

 Some of the sweet dessert items are prepared in advance...waiting for their turn to be presented towards the end of the meal.  That round cake you see on the rack above was one of the most amazing things I tasted since it was drizzled with the perfect splash of rum before serving.  The delicate texture of the sweet cake with the rum absorbed was indescribable.  WOW!
Oooh!  Look!  They are using the Creamer from the Tina Frey Designs Cream & Sugar Set!
 This is what it looked like on the table the night before....delicious!!!

 Yes, that is an amazing cheese on the cutting board being prepared for the cheese cart...

 The kitchen is starting to buzz with activity in preparation for the evening.

 More cheese!!
 The kitchen is immaculate!  I love the red color!
 At the end of the meal, the herds and plants on the cart were carefully harvested to brew the most amazingly refreshing cup of tea...Lemon Grass and other amazing herbs!!
 Farewell for now!  We hope to see you again next time!
We want to say a big thank you to:

Denis Courtiade, the general manager
Laurent Roucayrol, the sommelier, for the amazing white wine selection for our meal
Romain Meder, the talented chef

and most of all...Alain Ducasse for an unforgettable experience!!!

Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée

While I was in Paris for Maison & Objet, I had the pleasure of dining at Alain Ducasse in the newly reopened Plaza Athénée hotel.  It was truly an amazing experience since the menu was a very different, unique, and unexpected concept from his other restaurants.  It focuses on natural cuisine inspired by a fish-vegetables-cereals trilogy that was beyond description.  The meal is like a performance, or ballet, that impresses the taste buds with its wonderful textures and flavors.

We were so thrilled that pieces from Tina Frey Designs were selected for their dining room!!  Here is the tour so you can discover the amazing restaurant!  You can click on the image below to see the video tour:

 Below are more photos from the restaurant.
Visit the blog tomorrow to see my behind-the-scenes photos and Tina Frey Designs in this amazing place!

Interview at Maison & Objet in September 2014 for "du côté de chez vous"

Hello everyone!  I wanted to share this video of an interview for du côte de chez vous, a interior design website in France, which was filmed at Maison & Objet this September 2014!

It was so fun to have the film crew and interviewer share with you the inspiration behind the designs and the Fall 2014 collection!  How wonderful to be selected to tell our story!!  Thank you to du côte de chez vous!!!


It's All White!

People often ask how our house is decorated.  It is an ALL WHITE backdrop and quite different from the colorful studio and I wanted to share the article that appeared on this Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle newspaper!!  We were so excited to see 2 full printed pages dedicated to us!
You can read the entire article and see the accompanying photos below!
We hope you enjoyed reading this and seeing the photos too!

Love, Adorned - Nolita

When I was in NYC, I had the opportunity to visit the Nolita location of Love, Adorned.  When I walked in, I knew I would have to spend some time enjoying the atmosphere of the space and exploring the shop.  The music playing in the background was Zola Jesus, an amazing American singer-songwriter with a mesmerizing voice, which added to the cool vibe of the space.
Here is a little tour of the shop!

 I love the colors of Mara Hoffman's towels and bag from the swim collection!!

 The indigo blue color of these hammocks is so beautiful!

 They carry the Tina Frey Designs Large Champagne Bucket in White.  They also have our Short Trough, Round Salad Servers, and Large Platter in Grey and White.

 These colorful zippered pouches are so cute!!

 So many treasures to be found in the store!

Love, Adorned is located at:
269 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012
tel:  212-431-5683

They also have a store in Amagansett, New York!  More on that later!

The Hamptons

After the NY NOW exhibition, I took the opportunity to visit some of our customers in the Hamptons.  It was a wonderful trip since this was my first time there.  The landscape was very beautiful and now I can understand why people flock there over the summer months!

Here are some random photos from my visit.  I will have upcoming posts about the amazing stores I visited in the next posts!
 We stayed at The Surf Lodge in Montauk.

 The surf beach at Ditch Plains.  Aaargh...I didn't bring my surfboard!  But it was rather small anyway so we didn't miss much.

 The fish tacos at La Brisa in Montauk were so delicious!!!

I just loved the colors inside the restaurant!

 I got a hat by Lola Hats while I was in Montauk!  I love her hats!!

 In case you need a job in Montauk and possess special skills...

 The lights at Rushmeyer's in Montauk

Maybe this is what happens after too many cocktails?!  I love how the photo turned out though!

NY NOW exhibition - August 2014

In case you missed seeing us at the NY NOW exhibition last week, here are some photos from the show!

 The string art sign was inspired by the new Pom Pom Collection using the wool from the pom poms on the lids!  We hope you like it!

 We hope you love the new Charcuterie Boards for Fall 2014!!

 The wall hooks are now available in the new color!  Pale Rose!!!

 It seems like the variety of colors is expanding each time!

 Here is a panoramic of the booth at NY Now!
Here is our amazing team!

If you ever emailed, or called us on the telephone, you have probably reached Anna (pictured on the left)!  She is our super duper Customer Coordinator.  Clémentine (on the right) is looking after our marketing and social media for Tina Frey Designs.  She also works with me on some of the creative things at Tina Frey Designs!  I am so happy to be working with both of them!  You can only imagine how much fun we have at the studio!!

Behind the Scenes at the 7x7 Magazine Style Council Photo Shoot

Here are the behind-the-scenes photos from the 7x7 September 2014 Magazine Style Council photo shoot!
 Josephine Wissenberg from Aubri Balk, Inc. did my make up.  Moises Villa from diPietro Todd salon did my hair.  They made me look AMAZING!!

Zoe didn't end up in the final photo but she was also in the photo shoot.  She was curled up on the blanket and didn't want to move!

 That is the very talented photographer, Cooper Carras!  His photographs are really beautiful!!

 That is Josephine Wissenberg again...she is beautiful and has great Southern California style!

 That's part of my wardrobe hanging on the right side.

 I'm in the car on my way back to the studio after the photo shoot with all my make up on...I was feeling quite glamorous!

7x7 Style Council 2014

It was so much fun to be in the great company of such interesting people in San Francisco as part of the September issue 2014 Style Council for 7x7 Magazine!  You can read more about this here.

The photo shoot was so much fun!  I will have a post of the behind the scenes moments in the next post!

The photos are by the amazing photographer, Cooper Carras.  My hair was styled by Moises Villa for diPietro Todd salon, and my make up was by Josephine Wissenberg for Aubri Balk, Inc.  They were all so wonderful!!!

Here are the other amazing people included in the 2014 Style Council for 7x7 Magazine!

Fall 2014 Color Inspiration - Pale Perfection!

Here is how the new Pale Rose Color for Fall 2014 began...

I really fell in love with the "Pale Perfection" colors from the cover from the May/June 2014 issue of Vogue Living Australia.

The pale pink with the clean white background and splotches of black in these photos really inspired the theme of the Tina Frey Designs Fall 2014 collection.

As I was getting more and more obsessed with this pale pink color, I started to notice how I was gravitating to this color repeatedly in other things in the same color.  Here are some other examples:
Photo from Weekday Carnival blog.
Photo from mx living.  How cozy!

After seeing these inspiration photos, perhaps you can see how this new color became part of the collection!  We hope you will love the Pale Rose Color from our Fall 2014 collection as much as we do!  Enjoy!

Behind the scenes...

During the photo shoot of the new Charcuterie Boards, there were plenty of delicious cheeses and meats on display on a table that was about knee high.  This must have driven Zoe absolutely crazy since she LOVES cheese...

While no one was looking, the entire wedge of blue cheese disappeared from the Long Charcuterie / Cheese Board.  It seems she stealthily extracted her favorite cheese from the entire selection of 5 options!



 All that was left was a smear on the floor and the sound of her smacking lips...

Someone always manages to look so innocent!!